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Today all the finals were played at the final day of the Biesterbos Open. At 10.30 the finals of the girls and boys doubles started playing, followed by the girls singles finals and the boys singles final.

In the doubles final between Maddison Inglis (Aus)/Alessandra Simonelli (Ita) and the second seeded couple Lesedi Sheya Jacobs (NAM)/There Alison van Zyl (RSA). The first set went pretty easy to Jacobs and Van Zyl, but in the second set Inglis and Simonelli showed the audience some really double play. They took the lead with 5-1, but nerves were a bottleneck for the 2 girls to grab the set. Inglis and Simonelli made more mistakes, especially at the deciding points at 40-40. They could not win those 2 setpoints and the score was 5-5. Jacobs and Van Zyl made it to 6-5, but Simonelli and Inglis were able to be back on track on time by winning the game: a tie-breaker had to decide whether the match will end or should be decided by a super tie-break. Jacobs and Van Zyl started off the best, got 3-0 and 5-2 ahead. Simonelli and Inglis did not gave up, came back to 5-4, but 2 points on a row for Jacobs and Van Zyl gave them the tournament victory of the girls doubles final.

Winners Girls Doubles

The boys doubles was between duo Roberts(BAH)/Kostin(GER) and Grbic(SER)/Laubser(RSA). Grbic/Laubser made a good start and took the lead with 2-0 after making an early break. Kostin lost his temper and the rackets were flting, but the duo didn’t let the other Grbic/Laubser mess with them and broke back taking the lead with 3-2. This refound concentration didn’t last very long and the match switched once again when Grbic/Laubser made 5-3. At 5-4 Roberts/Kostin saved a setpoint and made 5-5. The set had to be decided in a tiebreak, Roberts/Kostin claimed the tiebreak because of strong serving at the important points. The second set was again off to a good start for Grbic/Laubser, playing very strong and aggressive. They took a quick lead with 4-1. However, in this match full of switches it happened once again. Roberts/Kostin managed to play themselves back into the match with strong volleys and won an impressive five games in a row claiming the match with a final score of 7-6[5] 6-4.

The first single final match was the girls final between the number 1 seed Jessica Ho (USA) and the number 6 seed Sofya Zhuk (RUS). You can describe Ho as a clever player, with really good footwork and anticipation. Zhuk is with her 14 years of age a real talent, with power and also clever play. She can both hit and defend. The first set started off even, both girls kept their service games up to 3-2. At that point, the American girl broke the service of Zhuk and led with 4-2. This lead did not last long, as Zhuk immediately broke back and even came to lead with 6-5. At 6-6, a tiebreak was going to decide the winner of the first set – a set with really amazing tennis. The fourteen-year old came to lead with 6-3 and thus had 3 set points. After two errors of Zhuk, Ho got rid of that last set point through an incredible forehand. Again, Zhuk had the opportunity of winning the set at a 7-6 lead. However, again she could not finish it off and Ho won three points in a row: win first set. In the second set, Zhuk knew she was able to win this match, as she had been so close to winning the first set already. And thus she continued fighting. In the second set she was even more convincing than in the first set and she won with 6-3.  A real final. The girls had been playing already 2 hours now. In the third set Sofya Zhuk continued her aggressive and fit play, whereas Jessica Ho was getting more tired. Zhuk amazed the whole public with her great tennis and won the third set as well with 6-3.

Winner Girls Single

The last match of the day, the boys singles finale, was played between Frenchie Corentin Denolly and German Robin Lang. Lang managed to not give away one single set the whole tournament and went into the match with a positive attitude. With his eighteen years he looks like a full-grown man where other players sometimes still need their last grow spurt. He made an impression in his previous matches with his great serve which made him able to get on top of the point easily. In addition to this he is a very solid player who can not only play defensive well, but knows how to make a winner too. Especially his backhand down the line and his forehand cross which turns all the way outside the court are true weapons. His opponent Denolly managed to play himself to the finals as an unseeded player, which is an amazing accomplishment. His fast arm gives him incredible speed at his strokes and knows to scare a lot of opponents with that quality. His serve is another weapon contributing to his aggressive play. The match started off good for Lang, breaking Denolly and leading 2-0. Denolly picked up his game and took the lead with a 3-2. The remainder off the set stayed close, but Denolly served amazing and claimed the set with 6-4. Lang lost some of his temper at the start of the second set and managed to break his racket into two pieces with just one throw. It seemed like that action gave Denolly wings.  He started hitting aces with his second serve and walked over Lang, winning the second set with 6-2.

Winner Boys Single


Day report Saturday July 5

The semi-final day of biesterbos Open started off with two doubles. The centre court match was between duo Kostin(GER)/Roberts(BAH) and Frenchies Rakototamalala/Tessa. Striking about this double was the fact that all four players seemed to really enjoy the play, despite the bad weather and lack of audience. Both sides played good doubles and knew how to handle net play. Roberts catched the attention with strong netplay and a great reaction. Kostin(GER)/Roberts(BAH) claimed the victory of this exciting doubles and won with a score of 6-0 6-1

In the first girls doubles of the day first seeded duo Astete(CHI)/Vargas Gomez(PER) played against Inglis(AUS)/Simonelli(ITA). From the start Inglis/Simonelli were the dominating duo, performing better both on the net and the baseline. Astete/Vargas Gomaz especially came short in skills on the net and Inglis/Simonelli managed to get a fairly easy ticket to the finales with a score of 6-1 6-2.

First singles match of the day was between German Lang and Belgium player Veys. Lang who did not lose one single set in the tournament so far made yet again a strong impression. Lang managed to get an early break in the first set at 2-2. Veys played steady, but Lang made the difference by pulling the court open with amazing angles. The set remained close when Veys broke back and made 4-4. However, Lang stayed sharp and broke back straight away before claiming the set with 6-4. The boys kept a high level of play in the second set. Both not making mistakes out of too much risks, but playing safe and steady. The longer rally’s almost always ended to the side of German making him a bit more solid than Veys. Lang remained his status of not losing one single set yet in the tournament and won the  match with 6-4 6-4.

The other girls doubles semi-finale was played between Iakovleva(RUS)/Pietroiu(ROU) and Jacobs(NAM)/van Zyl(RSA). Jacobs/van Zyl played strong doubles with outstanding down the line shots. Another thing that was surprising was their I-formation play, which you don’t see very often in girls singles. They claimed the match with 6-4 6-4.

For the first seeded Jessica Ho (USA) the Biesterbos Open had not been too difficult until today. The American won her previous matches convincingly and in two sets. Today she was facing the Russian Zeleva, who is unseeded but managed to knock out the number three seeded van Zyl and played herself to the semi-finals. In the first set of the semi-final, Zeleva blew away Ho with her offensive and hard play: 6-1. Ho could not keep up with her opponent, but then at the start of the second set was able to control her usual game again: consistency and smart gravel play worked her through the second set: 6-3 Ho. The third set Ho proved to be the fitter one and kept her head cool. She beat Zeleva with a final score of 1-6 6-3 6-3

The second semi-finale boys doubles was played between the first seeded Barrios Vera(CHI)/Blanch(USA) and Grbic(SRB)/Laubser(RSA). Duo Grbic/Laubser who knocked out the third seeded in the second round were able to play aggressive tennis. They won the first set with
The second se they were off to a good start as well, they leaded 4-1. Then the match turned around, one sloppy serve game from Grbic/Laubser gave Barrios Vera/Blanch the break. The duo played a strong service game after that and got to 4-3 before winning three close games all winning with the deuce sudden death system and winning the set. The third set had to be decided with a nerve-wrecking supertiebreak. Barrios Vera/Blanch got ahead at the start of the super tiebreak, but were not able to pull through. Grbic/Laubser were the stronger duo and got the match with 6-2 4-6 [11-9]

The last girls singles match of the day was between Russian Zhuk and Salas from France. Zhuk started off very well with powerful strokes and took the lead with 5-2. However, Zhuk lost some concentration, made many mistakes and Salas came back to 5-4. Zhuk found her focus back and played her level like the start of the set, and won the set with 6-4. In the second set Salas played much better than the first. She played more aggressive, taking the balls earlier and hit some drive-volleys, pushing Zhuk into making more mistakes. Salas took the lead with 5-2 and even got a setpoint. But Zhuk fought herself back in the set, celebrating every point with: DAA! Zhuk’s mental strenght made the difference, she won 5 games in a row and claimed the match with a final score of
6-4 7-5.

The last match of the day was between the only unseeded guy in the draw left, Corentin Denolly (FRA) and Spaniard Romero de Avila Senise. Denolly already made a strong impression at the start of the tournament by beating the number two seeded Barrios Vera. The guys played a match which was a joy to watch, beautiful winners from both sides. Denolly dominated with his great serve and return, which made him able to get on top of every point. Romero de Avila Senise’s defence and winners were on point, but often he got overpowered by Denolly. Denolly won the match with 6-4 6-4 and we will see him battle in the finale against German Robin Lang.


Today there was an equal amount of singles and doubles matches at the Biesterbos Open. The singles were played in the first 2 or 3 rounds, after that the doubles followed. Surprising and less-suprising victories were obtained.

Yesterday’s Player of the Day Denolly (FRA) maintained his good play and won against Popyrin (AUS) [13] in two sets (6-3 6-3). Second match up on the centre court was played between the Swedish qualifier Ida Jarlskog and Nina Kruijer from the Netherlands. Kruijer won her first match at the centre court on Tuesday and also won her first doubles against Jarlskog match on Wednesday. Now the girls were facing each other again, but in girls singles. The first set Jarlskog played more efficiently and won with 6-3. In the second set Kruijer altered her play and became more part of the game. She ended up leading with 6-5 40-0 in the second set, but then was too careful or nervous. An exciting tiebreak was won with 7-3 by Jarlskog.

Jessica Ho, the number 1 seed from the USA, played in the first match at the ‘second’ centre court against lucky loser Annabelle Hageman from the Netherlands. Hageman knew that she had to play her best tennis to surprise the American. In the first set the left-handed Dutchie was able to stay close to her opponent. Ho was in the deciding phase of the set the better player, without making any mistakes: she won the set with 6-4. In the second set Hageman again showed some skills with powerful groundstrokes. The strength of Ho’s footwork, anticipation and certainty were the keys to win the match against Hageman. The top seeded American won the set with 6-2 and reached the quarter finals, where she will face the Namibian Jacobs.

Jessica Ho

Another seeded player who reached the quarters is Sofya Zhuk from Russia. She played a long and exciting match against the hard hitter Liza Lebedzeva from the Netherlands. The highest ranked Dutch girl of this year’s tournament won the first set by playing very aggressive without making many errors. However, in the second set Zhuk was able to turn the match to her side. She got more and more aggressive, celebrated every point and besides that, Lebedzeva started making errors. The Russian won the set with 6-4 and the third set had to decide who got through. Until 4-3 the set got on serve, but the small Russian girl was the first on to break her opponent and stayed cool at 5-3: she served for the match with success. She will fight against Helen Abigail Altick from America for a place in the semi-final.

After the loss of Kruijer, Lebedzeva and Hageman, the last Dutch hope in the singles tournament lied with Isolde de Jong today. Dutchie de Jong had a very decent play, but was also lucky to play against Qualifier Rosenqvist (SWE) instead of a seeded player. De Jong won in two sets: 6-3 6-0. Tomorrow she is facing the French Emmanuelle Salas, who up to now has not really been challenged herself. Salas won today against Aussie Nepliy with 6-0 6-3 and before beat Inglis, seventh seeded compatriot of Nepliy, with 6-4 6-2.

The match between Levine (USA) [5] and Kostin (GER) [11] was decided in three sets. In the first set the American was the stronger and smarter one, winning with 6-2. However, the German fought back and the second set was more of a battle, with an even course of score. This ended up in an exciting tiebreak, which was won with 10-8 by the German. After that the spectators were surprised for a second, as it seemed that the American did not play any point seriously anymore. Unfortunately, he was suffering from bad cramps, which made him unable to play his normal game. However, he finished the game anyways and congratulated Kostin at the net (third set 6-0).

In the (late) afternoon many doubles were played. Both the first seeded in the boys and girls doubles got through to the next round. First seeded Vargas Gomez (PER)/Astete (CHI) won with 2-6 7-6 (3) [13-11] against a Swedish duo in the girls doubles draw. First seeded boys Barrios Vera (CHI)/Blanch (USA) won more easily against the Canadian Donski and the Dutch Roos with 6-2 6-1. The Dutch girls De Jong/Kruijer were close to a super tiebreak against third seeded Iakovleva (RUS)/Pietroiu (ROU), but they were not able to maintain the great play of the second set: tiebreak final score 7-1.

The Dutch girls were not able to keep a spot in the doubles main draw, however the Dutch duo Moonen/Stevens played an exciting match against the Australians Harper/Purcell [8]. In the first set, the Dutchies won with 7-5, but then lost the second set with 2-6. The super tiebreak was going to decide this match and some long and great rallies were played. Both sides were playing amazing point, throughout the whole match by the way. The Dutch duo came to lead with 8-4, but then the Aussies fought back up to 8-8. Two extremely long and exciting rallies were won at the advantage of Moonen and Stevens, and thus we will see more of these Dutch talents tomorrow.

In the evening of Thursday the 3rd of July the PlayerParty of Biesterbos Open will take place at the tournament venue. With the theme of World Cup – Blacklight Party the players can show some of their dance moves….. or do they have to rest for their upcoming finals? Matches tomorrow begin at 11.30h at the Biesterbos Open at Tennisclub Bakkum. See you all for some promising quarter finals!

Player of the day

Lesedi Sheya Jacobs

The Namibian Lesedi Sheya Jacobs (Oct. 1996) made a big impression by reaching the quarter finals quite easily in both singles and doubles. The number eight seeded defended her status unlike many other seeded girls/boys who did not manage to continue in the tournament. The number 132 of the world grasped the attention of the Biesterbos crew from the start with aggressive, yet very smart play. A true joy to watch. An interview with the Namibian girl with a gorgeous smile.

You managed to claim a victory in both singles and doubles today, how did it go?
I played well today, I was excited to play my matches and was able to be focused and not get too nervous. Doubles also went good, credit has to be given to my doubles partner as well, who is an amazing player. We were aggressive and owned the play at the net.

You are from Namibia, a country not a lot of people know, on what kind of surface do you play back home?
We almost only have hard-court back home. I do not have a favourite surface though. Clay, grass, hard-court for me everything is ok, it is all about adapting to the situation.

During your doubles match we heard some Dutch words, do you speak Dutch?
I speak Afrikaans which has a few Dutch words in it, but Dutch is a lot different than Afrikaans though. I can understand some Dutch but it is not much, for that the languages are too different.

What do you think about the tournament so far?
I like the tournament very much! The tournament crew is super nice and they help me with a lot. I also went on a biking tour through Castricum, biking around like a true local. That was fun!

In your opinion, what are the best and worst things about being a tennis player?
The best thing is definitely travelling around and meeting new people. I get to see so much of the world and meet some really amazing people. I wouldn’t call it the ‘worst’ thing, but being under pressure to perform every single time is quite tough. All players are talented and you always have to bring you’re A-game to be able to beat them.

Apart from tennis, do you have any other interests?
When I was still in school I used to do a lot of side activities, but now I’m playing tennis so much and travelling around I have less time. Right now I’m doing home schooling to get my high school degree and after that I want to fully concentrate on tennis.

What are your goals for the future?
I want to become as high ranked as possible. It would be amazing if I could reach a spot in the top-100. In addition to this I want to promote my country, so Namibia would get the attention it deserves!

Lesedi is during the interview already dressed up nice for the famous Biesterbos Playersparty, ready to show those dance moves!

Lesedi chooses:

Village/city (Namibia city, Europe village)
Beach/Swimming pool