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Humbert, another player from France who wins the Dutch Junior Open.

Bakkum – Today with the start of the Tour du France in Utrecht, finals of the world championships beachvolleybal in The Hague, the finals at the Dutch Junior Open were played. Matches started at 11.00 with the girls final.

The girls final was played between Australian Jaimee Fourlis (AUS) [8] and Jade Lewis (NZL) [7]. The girls never played before against each other. It was Fourlis who was started the match well, she won her openings game and was able to break directly the service of Lewis. Lewis showed her fighting spirit which she showed the day before with winning the third game. Unfortunately this was not enough because it was Fourlis who was able to break again the service of Lewis. It was Fourlis who won the 1st set with 6-3. In the second set Lewis was not able to hold on to the level Fourlis played. Things were not going as Lewis planned and the motivation and fighting spirit were gone. She got even an official warning for throwing her racket several times. Fourlis won the set with 6-0, she is the successor of Sofya Zhuk. Fourlis mentioned in her speech that it was a good week for her, she liked the tournament a lot. Probably we will not see her again because she has the ambition to play grand slam tournaments next year.

The boys final was played between the top seeded players, Ugo Humbert (FRA) [2] and top seed Felix Auger Aliassime (CAN). Both players showed impressive tennis in their previous matches this week. With packed tribunes both players showed the audience tennis they expected. It was the left handed player Humbert who was dictating what happened on the court. Humbert was able to put a lot of pressure on the young Canadian. Alliassime could not found a solution and lost the 1st set with 6-3. In the 2nd set is was Humbert who did not lose his focus. With clever tennis and perfect groundstrokes Humbert was dictating the 2nd set as well. He was able to break Aliassime early  in the set and he did not gave his opponent a change for a re-break. At 4-2 Humbert was able to break the service of Aliassime again and the following game he served his way to the championship. Humbert is now in a row of French winners:  Tatlot, Favrot and Commin. In his speech he thanked the committee for the great tournament which was organized.


Friday July 3: Quarter final matches at Dutch Junior Open!
BAKKUM – With the quarter finals here the tennis players got more focused and they have a tough week, because the good weather is still present. Again our number one seeded Canadian Felix Aliassime showed us his great talent of tennis, also Canadian Vanessa Wong was able to reach the semi-finals.
The first quarterfinals that have been played were the one of the girls. On court 1 the quarterfinal battle went on between Jaimee Fourlis (AUS) [8] and Valentine Bacher (FRA). In the first set Jaimee clearly took the lead. She was playing strong and won her points with smart play. The French girl had trouble with the strong backhand of Jaimee Fourlis and got frustrated. But in the second set she changed her mood and went on with playing. This led to a 3-2 for her. Jaimee stayed focused and took the next 6 games in a row, what a killer!
On the court next to these ladies another quarterfinal was played. Ida Jarlskog (SWE) played against Jade Lewis (NZL) [7]. This match showed some amazing rallies between the girls. In the first set Jade Lewis came out stronger and won her first set with 6-4. In the second set she stayed in her flow and came to a 5-2 lead. But Jarlskog changed her strategy and came back to a 5-4. For the public it was a sad story because it didn’t come as far as a third set. Jade Lewis finished her match with 6-4.
On court three there was a quarterfinal between the Italian Monica Cappelletti and Vanessa Wong (CAN) [6]. The first set was not that hard for Vanessa Wong to win. She showed leadership and took the first set with a 6-3. But in the second set Monica Cappelletti came back. It became more exciting. The girls needed to play a tie-break which resulted In a good way for Vanessa Wong. She won with a 7-3 in the tie-break.
The boys quarterfinal on court 1 was nothing more than great services and beautiful tennis. Our first seed Canadian Felix Auger Aliassime took lead in the first and second set. He had strong services which gave the opponent Evan Furness (FRA) [10] a hard time to return. Felix Auger Aliassime again showed us he can play tennis. He won his match with 6-1, 6-2. Congrats!
Next boys singles were the French Ugo Humbert [2] who played against Lez Kazakov (RUS) [5]. The boys made it hard for each other right from the start to win points. They continuously broke each other’s service game. Luckily Ugo Humbert won the set with 7-5. In the second set, after the boys took a short break-changed shirt and powered up, both of them were ready for a new set. In the begin of the second set Lev had real chances in winning points, however got 3-2 behind. From there he started to make more unforced errors and Ugo Humbert played very well. In that moment Ugo Humbert got stronger and won the match with 6-3.
The girls double between Jaimee Fourlis (AUS)/ Vanessa Wong (CAN) [3] and Shelly Krolitzy (ISR)/ Karman Kaur Thandi (IND) was a good match. There were many cross rallies, but also amazing volleys showed us the girls can play tennis. It were Jaimee Fourlis and Vanessa Wong who came out stronger in this match. They took the first set with 6-2 and the second with 6-4. Congrats to the orange matched ladies!
After this double there was a boys double between Felix Auger Aliassime (CAN)/ Alexis Galarneau (CAN) [5] and Evan Furness (FRA) [2]/ Ugo Humbert (FRA). Soon the French boys showed that they were running the whole show. They took the first set very quick with 6-2. In the second set the Canadians showed more opposition. The match became more exciting and the boys took lead with 0-3. We thought this was going to be a third set but surprisingly the French boys were not stressed with the situation and took the lead again. They won the match with 6-4.
A day of day of again great tennis ended with a boys double on court 2, between couples Blake and Popyrin (AUS) against Kazakov (RUS) and his partner Van Slyke (CAN). This match was a joy to watch, there were a lot of entertaining rallies played. At the end Kazakov and Van Slyke can be crowned as the winner of this match after a match tie-break.
Last match of the day played on centre court was between Louis Tessa (FRA) [12] and Italian Andres Gabriel Ciurletti [11]. In the first set both players played attractive tennis to watch, it was Ciurletti who took a 5-3 lead and got even 2 set points. He was not able to make one of these point and Tessa was able to fight back. The 1st set should be decided to play a tie break, now it was Tessa who took a 6-3 lead but now he was not able to finish the set. Ciurletti fought back but at the end Tessa won the tie-break with 9-7. In the beginning of the 2nd set it was Tessa who was able to break the service of his opponent and took directly the lead. For the Italian this was not the end of the match because he was able to break back, unfortunately this was not enough because Tessa broke again the next service of his opponent. For the Italian this was it, he was not able to fight back again and lost the 2nd set with 6-3. Tessa will play tomorrow against his fellow countryman Ugo Humbert. Read more about Louis Tessa in the “player of the day” section!
Despite the result this will mean we will have another Frenchman in the finals, previous years it were: Corentin Denolly ,Johan Sebastien Tatlot and Cedrick Commin. Back in 2002 it was Gael Monfils who reached to the finals of this tournament, unfortunately he lost of German Andreas Weber.

See also in our dayreport: click here or the “Download Day Report” button

Day 5: Thursday July 2
#1 seed Felix Auger Aliassime (CAN) impresses the audience

BAKKUM – The day after the extreme heat (very rare in Holland), the girls were up for their second round matches. Second seed Lara Escauriza (PAR) was not able to get to the next round. The Dutch girls were also eliminated in the girls singles draw. First and second seed, respectively Felix Auger Aliassime (CAN) and Ugo Humbert (FRA), won in very exciting matches. The next round doubles was played. At the end of the day there was a Players BBQ and the game Minute To Win It.
First up at center court were Valentine Bacher (FRA) against Lara Escauriza (PAR) [2]. Second seed Escauriza had a tough first round, where she played a 3-setter against Lopez (CHI). Today was again difficult: Bacher, a strong, fit and confident player, started really well and won the first set. Escauriza did not seem confident at all and made a lot of unforced errors. Half through the second set, she changed her mind set but it was too late.
At court 2, Nina Kruijer (NED) could not keep up with Sandra Bozinovic (FRA). The match contained many great rallies, finished off with perfect winners. However, Kruijer made slightly more unforced errors. Kruijer’s compatriot Annick Melgers had a difficult opponent: 6th seed Vanessa Wong (CAN). The Canadian girl showed her seeded status was fair: in two sets she did not get in real trouble once: 6-1 6-3. 7th seed Jade Lewis (NZL) also lived up her seeded spot against Abigail Altick (USA). Altick could not get close once and lost in 2 sets.
Monica Cappelletti (ITA) got in action against #4 seed Valeriya Yushchenko (RUS). The girls played a 3:15 hours during match, in which a lot of fight was present. Cappelletti won the first set with 6-4, which mentally broke the Russian completely. Referees came up to the court to give her penalties for her behaviour. This helped Yushchenko however: she won the second set with 6-3. However, Cappelletti became extremely calm and focused – she was really enjoying the tennis. This paid off in a win: 6-3. More about Monica Cappelletti can be read in the Player of the Day section .
An extremely spectacular match was played at center court between first seed Felix Auger Aliassime (CAN) and Frenchman Elliot Benchetrit. The first set was thrilling, with the one winner after the other for both players. The first seed made a real great impression: very calm, good mind-set and a natural feeling for the ball. Auger Aliassime also had great footwork and a huge forehand and service for such a young player (14 years old). His opponent, however, was also a significant decent player! These were the ingredients for a great match. In the first set, the Canadian led one break and also finished off the set: 7-5. In the second set Benchetrit tried to keep up with Auger Aliassime, but he noticed that his opponent was unbreakable today: 6-1.
#5 seed Lev Kazakov (RUS) faced #11 seed Bruno Britez (PAR) in another difficult match. Both players used extremely well footwork and they made each rally difficult for eachother. This ended up in a tie-break to decide for the first set. The tie-break was won easily by Kazakov, who seemed very confident and mentally well-trained. Then the second set followed a similar pattern: 7-5 Kazakov.
The match between Tiago Cacao (POR) [9] and Guy den Heijer (NED) began exciting. Both of them showed winner skills and there were some great rallies with massive points. But only one could take the set and this time it was not the Dutchie which it belongs to but the Portueges. He won the set with 6-4. In the second set it was clear that our Dutchie had struggles with winning points. He began to make more faults and the points came more easily to Tiago. The set finished with a 6-1 end.
A very worth watching game, which actually should have been played on court 1, was played between the Italian Giovanni Fonia [7] and the Frenchman Evan Furness [10]. As the match started both of the boys showed their qualities. The points in the game were won by long rallies and smart points. Both of them breaked eachother in the games which gave us a exciting match to watch. in the first set Giovanni came out stronger and took it with 6-7. But the other didn’t give up and played on very well again. This made it hard for Giovanni Fonio to stay on the winning hand. Furness came back and won his first set with 6-3. In the third set both of the boys weren’t done with playing. The games went from the one to another. The winner of this match was Evan Furness but also congrats to Giovanni Fonia, what a match!
Tomorrow will be quarter final day. Except for the girls doubles; they will play the semi final match, because the final will be played Saturday afternoon. Matches will start at 10.30. Players, family, local spectators: you are all more than welcome! 

You can download the day report here

BAKKUM – Sunny weather and long matches: a tough combination for all the players at the Dutch Junior Open, but for the spectators a nice combination. Today the first round matches were scheduled for the main draw singles. All the girls, including the seeded players, had to play their first round match. In the boys draw the seeded players will be in action tomorrow.

The first surprise of the day was the elimination of the first seeded Karman Kaur Thandi from India. Her French opponent Sandra Bozinovic played a really good match and surprised everyone by winning the match with 6-0 and 6-4.
Another match that also started at 10.00 was between the third seed
Ida Jarlskog and the Colombian Yuliana Monroy. The match was of a really high level. The girl from Sweden took the first set with 6-3, but the second set was a thriller, won by Monroy with 7-5. Jarlskog began really good in the third set and her opponent asked for medical treatment. The Swedish was fighting for each point and was the strongest at the end, by winning the set with 6-1.

8 Dutch girls had to play for a spot in the second round. Two of them succeeded: Nina Kruijer and Annick Melgers. Kruijer played on center court against Ogut from Turkey. This was an impressive game, as both girls were hardhitters and extremely focused. When Ogut had a great serve, Kruijer had an even more amazing return. As tournament committee we agreed that Kruijer had really improved her play compared to last year.
A real fight between Melgers and Romain (France) ended up in a third set. Both girls were hardhitters, fighters, which resulted in a spectacular game with many rallies. In the end, Melgers had a slightly better mind-set.

In the boys draw, Michel de Krom from Holland played on centre court against Molloy (GBR). De Krom won with 6-1 6-2 and will face the Italian Fonio (7th seed). Another Dutchie Van Buuren could not uphold the level played by Benchetrit (FRA): 6-4 6-1.

At the same time on court 2 there was a match between Barnaby Smith (GBR) and Blake Ellis (AUS). There were some good rallies in the games, both of them acted strong to win the point. But Blake showed more power and took the games. The match ended in 6-2 6-2 with the win of Blake Ellis.

Qualifier Johannes Helgo (NOR) played against Borna Gojo from Croatia. Helgo played extremely decent rallies full of spin, spreading them nicely over the whole court. Gojo, who was more of a hardhitter, did not like the play of Helgo and could not handle the control that his opponent had. In the second set Gojo played some really good and smart points, however it was not enough: Helgo won.

Another Dutchman on center was Bart Stevens, who had a tough first set against Luc Fomba (FRA). Fomba was really hitting it all in the first set and it seemed like a done deal. However, with very smart and controlled play, Stevens came back in the game and won his well-played second set. In a thrilling third set, Fomba made less forced and unforced errors and won.

The evening matches at 19.00 were played by another two Dutch boys: Guy den Heijer and Tom Moonen.
On center Guy den Heijer had to play against the Suisse Mirko Martinez. The Suisse won the first set, but the spectators saw how Den Heijer played a really good second set. The rallies were crazy long and very entertaining to watch: at 21.00 the third set only started. The momentum was at the Dutch side: he decided the match by winning the final set with 6-1.

At the second court, Dutchman Tom Moonen played against “Alafia” Ayeni from the USA. Ayeni is an entertaining player to watch on the court. His athletic skills at the net, with some jumping smashes and easy errors were symbol for the match. His Dutch opponent Moonen was trying everything in the first set, but was not able to show his tennis to the spectators. Afeni was leading with a set and 5-2. At that moment Moonen woke up and showed his skills. He came back to 5-5 and a tiebreak had to decide the second set. Afeni played a got breaker and won it with 7-2.

Tomorrow all the first round matches of the doubles will be played. The girls singles have a day off. All the seeded boys will have their first match in the boys draw. They will play against the first round winners of today. First matches will start at 10.00. Evening matches will start at 19.00. Between these matches, kids day will start at 15.00. Courts 5, 6, 7 and 8 will be full of kids 🙂

Player of the Day: Annick Melgers (NED)
Age: 16
Age Started Tennis: 6
Plays: Double Handed Backhand

That was an exciting match! What are your thoughts about it?
It was heavy, almost 3 hours in this heat. It was a hard match, but so glad that I won. My attacking play and fighting spirit were the key in this match; I am satisfied!

You received a wild card for the main draw. Your ranking is 1448. How come that your ranking is that low?
That’s correct, it isn’t that high. I have been injured for 1,5 year because of back problems. Now I am feeling stable  and healthy. Good to be back again after all that struggle. And ofcourse very happy with the Wild Card!

Is it the first time that you participate in this tournament?
No, last year I played here as well. I lost in the first round, so this is my first win here. I am living 10 minutes from these tenniscourts, so it feels a bit like home to me.

Do you also play doubles at our tournament?
I am not playing the double tournament, because I want to focus on my single matches. Also playing the doubles is not wat I prefer due to physical reasons.

What will you play after the Dutch Junior Open?
I will play 2 other ITF tournaments in the Netherlands (Grade 5 tournaments)

How would you compare the ITF tournaments with the national competition in the Netherlands?
There is a big difference between it. The ITF tournaments are more professional, the players are focussing themselves for each match really good. The national competition is less serious than the ITF tournaments. Friendly behavior to your opponents in the ITF circuit is not a normal thing; there is more fighting spirit and rivality between the players.

How do you and your team prepare yourself for a match?
During the day I am busy with the match. I am planning everything (breakfast, lunch) and before the match, I have got a warming up. My coaches are giving me good advices. They have analized my opponent (when that is possible) and are give me a few plans before I enter the court.

Are you playing your own game in a match or can you modify your game to the competitor?
In the past I was always playing my own game. But in my last matches I also look to the game of my opponent. In the girls circuit clever play is really important, that is something where you can make the difference.

What do you do when you are not playing tennis?

I am busy with school, but on tennis I spend the most of my time. Next year I will have my final year at school, so that will be busy with my exams. I like to relax in my spare time and be with friends of school. When I am with them, I can be in a different world.

What are your future goals?

I want to improve every part of my game and get more experience in tennismatches, especially now because I am not injured anymore. I am training 6 days in the week and want to become a better player in future tournaments. When my ranking will be better, I can also play international tournaments in other countries. That is actually something what I am dreaming of.


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