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Dutch Junior Open On mei - 17 - 2018

Finals: Day Report

Dutch Junior Open On juli - 5 - 2017

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Thanks everyone for a great tournament! Special thanks to our sponsors. We hope to see you next year 🙂

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Day 1 – TC Bakkum Dutch Junior Open Kick-Off Day

Dutch Junior Open On juli - 2 - 2017

The first day of the tournament started off with a lot of Dutch players in the qualifications.
In the first round the Dutch player Sophie Groen, playing at her own club, played against the French Abaune Droquet.

The first game of the match was won by Groen with an amazing forehand winner, she took the lead with 1-0. Droguet reacted immediately by putting more and more pressure on her hits. This leads to a 4-1 lead for Droquet in the first set. Droquet kept her focus and pushed through to win the first set with 6-1. Groen managed to get back into the match, taking a 2-1 lead in the second set, but Droquet hit some hard groundstrokes and amazing dropshots, she kept her focus for the rest of the second set and won the match with 6-1 6-2.

Grootjans (NED) vs. Huetten (GER) was scheduled at 10 am. Up to 2-2 in the first set it was an even upward fight. Then Huetten made the difference by winning almost all long rally’s. And it became a relatively simple victory for the German. 6-2 6-1.

At the same time, local player Stephan Bakker started his match against Riley Clark. It became a very exciting and straightforward fight. Heavy topspin rally’s alternated with dropshots and slice balls. Both players were visibly nervous. This resulted in many breaks over and over again. In an exciting tiebreak, Bakker won the match. 7-5 7-6. Stephan became the first TC Bakkum player in a couple of years who won a match in the tournament.

The first match of the second round was played between Wiek Janssen, another local hero, and Titouan Droguet (FRA). Titouan’s sister won the first round, so he will try to do the same thing. Both players are hardhitters and they enjoyed the crowd with some amazing rally’s. Droguet was the better player throughout the whole match. Janssen tried everything, but couldn’t win a game, even a smash to win a game didn’t succeed. Droguet moves on to the second round with a 6-0 6-0 win.

On centre court Emilie Elde (NOR) played against Emily van der Werf (NED), Van der Werf is also a local hero and plays for TC Bakkum. Van der Werf was trying to find her rhythm at the start of the match. Elde took advantage of the slow start of Van der Werf and took a 5-0 lead in the first set. Van der Werf managed to win a game to make it 5-1, but Elde broke back on Van der Werf’s serve to win the first set with 6-1. Elde did not slow down and rushed through the second set, leaving Van der Werf no chance to get back into the match. Elde won the second set with 6-0.

Among the ladies the first seeded Sidney Berlin (SWE) played a solid match. Her Dutch opponent Carmen van Poelgeest did not find her rhythm in the first set, 6-1. In the second set, the thunderous wind caused amusing rally’s. The players were also able to enjoy this. Because of the unpredictable wind, it became more and more a match. Eventually, the second set went to Berlin with 6-4 and can now prepare for the next round.

The second round for the boys started off with Stephan Bakker (NED) against Lancelot Carnello (SWE). Carnello is the 6th seeded, and is one of the big talents for the future.
Carnello started the match with a lot of energy, while Bakker used most of his energy in the first round. Carnello barely made any mistakes and rushed through the first set with 6-0.
The start of the second set was exactly the same as the first set. Carnello took a 3-0 lead, leaving no chance for Bakker to get back in the match. But Bakker recovered and managed to win 2 games. Carnello was too good for Bakker, winning the second set with 6-2, heading into the last round of the qualifications.

Monday will be the last day of the qualifications. From the many Dutch players, only a couple made it to the last round: Niels Visker, Gijs Akkermans, Jip van Assendelft and maybe Dainah Cameron.
The first round will start at 10.00. Most of the main draw players will arrive on Monday as well, they will meet their host family for this week.

Oud deelnemers TC Bakkum Dutch Junior Open schitteren op Ahoy

Dutch Junior Open On april - 27 - 2017

Oud TC Bakkum deelnemers schitteren in finale Ahoy Rotterdam

BAKKUM – In februari werd in Rotterdam het ABN-AMRO World Tennis Tournament gespeeld. Helaas meldden publiekstrekkers Rafael Nadal en Stan Wawrinka zich af voor dit toernooi, maar alsnog kende het toernooi een sterk deelnemersveld. Daar zaten ook Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (Frankrijk) bij en David Goffin (België), die zondag de finale speelden. Beide tennissers hebben vroeger op tennisclub Bakkum gespeeld tijdens het TC Bakkum Dutch Junior Open.

Ook dit jaar verwachten we tijdens het TC Bakkum Dutch Junior Open weer genoeg talent te zien die later de top gaan bereiken in het seniorencircuit. Dit jaar zal het toernooi worden gespeeld van zondag 2 juli tot en met zondag 9 juli.

Houdt u de website van de komende weken in de gaten, want wij zullen u op de hoogte houden van de ontwikkelingen van het toernooi. Vanaf de editie van 2017 is het weer mogelijk om gastgezin te zijn voor een van de deelnemers. Hoe geweldig zou het zijn als u de toekomstige Roger Federer of Serena Williams in huis heeft gehad? Mocht u interesse hebben of meer informatie willen? Neem dan contact met housing@dutchjunioropen.nl